Every now and then, you stumble across a comic that doesn’t just impress you, it impresses itself–that is, it leaves an imprint on your brain, making you lean back and say “whoah.” It happened to me with some of the early Superman books. Alan Moore can do it with pretty much anything he writes (looking at you, Miracleman), and Morrison did it with Seven Soldiers and Kill Your Boyfriend. There are others, but I want to be brief, because every word I say takes away from my new favorite comic hero:


Read that name again. And again. Now read it out loud. Has a weird sound, right? It’s like it’s on a different vibrational frequency as the rest of us. I doesn’t sound quite right, like it’s a bad transliteration. But it’s not–it’s the name of a two-issue series published by DC in 1968. Written by Joe Simon (of Captain America fame), it’s a bizarre mash-up of Frankenstein and the hippie subculture. But you don’t want to hear the Wikipedia article (it’s right here, though. You know, if you want to read it). No, you want to read the first issue. And that’s to ugh!, you can.

Click here for the entire first issue of Brother Power the Geek! Don’t ask, just read indeed.

Did you read it? Holy crap, right? Makes your brain buzz with the sheer vitality of it. I wish half the comics DC put out were half as good as this. Dial H is the only thing on the shelf trying for this level of weird, and China Mieville’s too busy tripping over himself trying to make Canada a believable threat to really deliver what we need.

This is what I want to write.

    • The Roommate
    • March 27th, 2013

    Haha that was incredible. “He was hardly more than a dummy! Yet he was almost the very most!” Is that how Hippies talked in 60′s? Or is that how comic book writers thought they talked? I also loved that someone “played” each major character.

  1. Haha that was awesome. “He was hardly more than a dummy! Yet, he was almost the most!” Is that really how hippies talked in the 60′s? Or is that just how Comic writers thought they talked? Also loved that each character was “played” by someone, in a comic book. As far as I know those aren’t famous people.

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